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The Ghost of Mark, the UNIX sysadm ... Deleting users!

server room of horrors

Back in the golden age of podcasting, Friends in Tech, a production company for podcasts, produced a few specials for some holidays. The first two of which, released Halloween 2005 and 2006, were The Server Room or Horrors and The Server Room of Horrors 2006.

Halloween pranks, printers printing by themselves, mysterious SCO UNIX systems, coffee drinking zombies, and the ghost of Mark, the UNIX system admin.

I present them here for your listening pleasure.

Server Room of Horrors:

Server Room of Horrors 2006:

All credit goes to the original creators as noted in the end Credits and these are released with permission under a attribution sharealike noncommercial license.

While it seems that Friends in Tech are no more,  The Technorama Podcast, by Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Steppe is still around!