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That time when a professor whacked me upside the head with a stack of papers.

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So, around fall of 1998, I was working as a UNIX sysadmin for the ticket company, and taking classes at CSU trying to get my EE degree.  I had attempted to take the networking class without taking the pre-req UNIX class first.  I figured I was a UNIX admin, had been doing this stuff for a few years at this point, the class would just be a waist of my time and money. Well, it turns out, I got caught and was kicked out of the class for not taking the pre-req.

I fought it all the way up to the dean, trying to argue that my work experience should be enough, and getting the big old “Fallow the rules and quit whining” smack-down.

So, the Next semester, I took the UNIX class.  The professor was a VMS guy, and really didn’t seem to know UNIX very well. Back then, I could be a total, and merciless smart ass. Hilarity ensued. Not only did i ask some pretty insane questions ( to which I usually knew the answer ), but I would point out EVERY little error he made.  I always sat up front too so I could be as annoying as possible. And one time, I pointed out ONE too many errors. He proceed to grab a stack of papers off the desk, walked up to me and smacked me up side the head with them and told me to shut-up already.

After class he apologized and asked me what my deal was, after explaining to him about me getting kicked out of the network class and not wanting to be there, he told me if I do the home work and ace the mid-term, he’ll let me out of the final, if I just stop.  So I did.  He even referred a couple of students that were struggling to me for help.  I gladly helped of course ... I cooled down after that, and aced the class.