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That time when the storage array crashed at the worse possible time, only for the vendor to later denied it even happened

It was during the Stanley Cup in the late ‘90’s.  Final game of 6, and the ticket company was the one who sold the tickets for the event. As walk-up and will-call ticket holders started getting tickets, the load on the storage array had gotten pretty heavy. 

A KNOWN hardware issue in the array’s single point of failure - it’s cache card - was tripped, and the Array crashed.  It actually was designed to do that to protect the data.


That time when I caught a 'hacker' breaking into a Linux box at the Law Library

Sometime in early ‘94 at the Law Library, we had an ( then ) experimental Linux box.  It was a Dell PC with an early version of Slackware installed.  It was in the office, and I was just sitting there playing around.  At the time, I was still learning UNIX commands.  So I was playing with the infamous finger command. And then I noticed someone logged in that was NOT authorized. 


SSD, LVM and you: Zero data loss, LVM caching, and properly configuring your Linux box to get the most out of SSD!

I recently upgraded tesla, my primary Linux desktop, to one of the new Ryzen processors from AMD.  So far it’s working very well, and the performance is sometimes even rather stellar.  One of the big performance boosters, in addition to the Ryzen CPU and doubling the memory, was I went SSD in a big way.


That time when a computer literally caught on fire!

government shutdown

So it was during the government shutdown in October of 2013, which was an odd time.  Fortunately, I was among the lucky ones who got to work, which meant I was guaranteed to get paid, which was good since I was a contractor. The deal for government employees was actually pretty controversial. The trains were running, but on the limited S schedule ( while my train line was, I think others ran on normal schedules ).  AWS was off, which meant I had to work an 8 hour day. With all these schedule changes, it also meant I had to go to a different Train Station in MD.   The trains were mostly empty, the City was like a ghost town. Even access to the building and restrooms was limited.


A Few Things To Do When First Setting Up a LightSail Instance Running Wordpress

Amazon’s new Lightsail service is pretty amazing.  For practically nothing, you can have a cloud based server. They offer a lot of options, and a good bit of what’s here will be applicable to any of them running Ubuntu, but this is geared toward the Wordpress instance, Which happens to be running Ubuntu Server.  At first I was a bit disappointed, but as I use it, I find it’s actually pretty close to Raspian, which I do, in fact know pretty well, and it’s nice to diversify my Linux skills a bit.


That time when a professor whacked me upside the head with a stack of papers.

unix lic

So, around fall of 1998, I was working as a UNIX sysadmin for the ticket company, and taking classes at CSU trying to get my EE degree.  I had attempted to take the networking class without taking the pre-req UNIX class first.  I figured I was a UNIX admin, had been doing this stuff for a few years at this point, the class would just be a waist of my time and money. Well, it turns out, I got caught and was kicked out of the class for not taking the pre-req.

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